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A team of doctors who are experienced  & enthusiastic to provide exceptional ayurvedic treatments, advanced and outstanding services using the best techniques and excellent facilities to make your health perfect.
Dr.Rosemary Wilson (B.A.M.S.)   Chief Physician
Consultation :
Every Second Saturday - Super Speciality Hospital Thiruvananthapuram
Alternate Wednesdays - Ernakulam Hospital & Chalakudy Hospital
All Other Days - Valiya Parambu - mala Hospital
Dr.Velayudhan Nair M.D.( Ay.)
Skin Care Clinic
Dr.Mohan Kumar M.D.(Ay.)
Ano Rectal & Back Pain Clinic
Dr.G.S.Raju M.D.( Ay.)
Marma Chikitsa Clinic
Dr.Jayasree Vinayan M.D.( Ay.)
Eye and E.N.T. Clinic
Dr.Lathakumari (B.A.M.S.)
Gynaecology & Paediatric Clinic
Dr.Peter Francis Kandamkulathy ( B.A.M.S.)
Administrative Medical Officer & Consultant,
Ayurveda Super-speciality Hospital,Thiruvananthapuram
Dr.Asish Raphael ( B.A.M.S.)
Senior Manager
Dr.Demily Mathew( B.A.M.S.)
Chief Medical Officer,Chalakudy Branch
Dr.Henry Prasad ( B.A.M.S.)
Manager Admin. & Chief Medical Officer,Resort Division
Dr.Sheeba George (B.A.M.S.)
Medical Officer,Aluva Branch
Dr.Sally Sony (B.A.M.S.)
Chief Medical Officer,Ernakulam Branch  
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