Areas of Work

Bodhi guidance and counseling centre has completed more than two yeasr of its service and it has been quite fulfilling for us. That is because we were able to successfully move forward with the work of Bodhi. scheune lager immobilien kleinanzeigen für immobilien.


The absence of someone to speak frankly and openly, and someone to listen to it, financial crises, being outcast by the society, students unable to adapt or follow the new syllabus, children unable to enjoy their childhood, slaves to fear, a generation suffering from mental numbness, new couples ready to cut of all relationships for mundane reasons, family ties that cannot even have the consideration to help out the older generation – these are the problems facing the society. It is precisely with this aim of helping the society that faces these mental and physical problems that on April 2000, Bodhi Guidance and Counselling Centre was conceived.


Through counselling it is possible to pump up the confidence of a person, it is also possible to rid a person of unnecessary fears and phobias. Families on the verge of breaking up can be saved if they can just communicate with each other, and at Bodhi our aim is to be that platform or media which can enable people to face their problems. Our basic aim is a better and healthier society where people are not just progressive in their mentality towards comforts and luxuries but also in their basic personal and social values.


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