Family Counselling

A family is one of the most sacred bonds that can “move mountains, and separate oceans”, to quote a cliché. A family gives an individual the courage to face any and every new challenge, obstacle or hindrance that might arise in life. This strong bond is what provides hope and aim and ambition in a person’s life. But when there is a rift in the family, it is not just one member who suffers, but the several members who make up a family.


In these modern times it is even imperative that the bond of family remains strong, for the very identity of a person loses its importance when the individual is separated from the family. 

At Bodhi, when a broken family or a family on the verge of breaking comes, it is usually categorized as an urgent, desperate plea for help. Though the members might want to solve the problems within the family, sometimes it might prove difficult to bring out certain things in the open. And it is this small role of a platform or medium that Bodhi offers to play. Through counselling and individual sessions with members of the family, it is possible to find out solutions to problems that might be brewing inside without the others being aware of it. When these problems, and tensions or troubles are brought out into the open, most of the solutions become readily available, some others might require some more sessions, but ultimately it is in the hands of the family members themselves to solve any and every kind of problem.