Our Aim

In the 21st century science and technology has changed our lifestyles completely. Inventions and innovations have made life comfortable, convenient, and fast.


There is no time to give to thought of or for relationships, bonds, family, ties. The concept of family has lost its importance and worth - with dissatisfied children on one side and dissatisfied husbands and wives on the other. Rifts, emotional turmoil, dissatisfaction, and depression are rampant in almost every home.


Today the individual's life is filled with problems of concentration, inexplicable phobias, lack of confidence and social skills and there seems to be no solution in sight. All this restlessness, all this negations are but the result of lack of peace of mind, and that is indeed a rare commodity nowadays.


But of course, there is still some hope for the one willing to give it a try. Only you can help yourself, for we can only show you how to reach within yourself. At Bodhi we help people understand the importance of relationships, of family, of the bonds that are stronger than the strongest, and of values. We offer counselling to husbands and wives, as also to youngsters, individuals with problems of confidence, people with unnecessary phobias, people who are not able to tap their own abilities completely. It has been almost 2 years since Bodhi came into existence, affecting a number of lives, bringing change and satisfaction to a number of families and individuals.