Self Awareness


The great bard has said, " To Thine Own Self Be True", and that applies to every individual today. To know oneself, to tap one's abilities, to know one's own skills and capabilities, is the need of th hour. Wherever you might be, whatever you do, unless and until you do not understand yourself you can never achieve anything. Self awareness is basically about being a good human being and being able to fit in the society, to be able to contribute through one's talents, and caliber.

The basic problems faced by an individual like stage fright, phobias, low self esteem, pessimism can all be overcome. At Bodhi, efforts made are to bring out the best in an individual, to get to know oneself, to be able to face one's fears, to accept changes, to accept what cannot be changed, to become a good person. Many a times so many skills and talents are wasted lying dormant in an atmosphere not very conducive to fulifilling dreams, and reaching goals. The result is an unhappy person in unhappy surroundings, with no benefit to either the individual or others. Through counselling, and basic lessons in interpersonal dealings, a person can easily overcome almost all weaknesses, and even become aware of strengths lying dormant,and skills previously oblivious to.