Youngsters Corner

Youngsters are the future of this country and perhaps the most important ones to be free of worries and tension and instilled with confidence and motivation. The fast life that we lead has of course affected the youngster. Lack of proper role models, lack of time spent with parents, lack of proper guidance, culture confusion/attack of the western culture, extreme exposure to mature subjects prematurely – all this is enough to create a young, confused, individual who does not understand what values mean, what culture is, what respect is, what is love, or what is family. The ultimate result of all this is a generation gone awry, without goals, without ambitions, without any motivation, and complete lack of values. But things are not all that bad.

At Bodhi, this confidence in the self is what we instill. Not just understanding a youngster’s problem, but also helping that young one to find the solution on his/her own. Sometimes all that is needed is a small boost of confidence. At some other times, it is the need to talk and express the individual’s opinion that gets smothered and there is a troubled youngster in the family. This chance to speak out, to let out all pent-up emotions, to give vent to choked up emotions, is sometimes more than enough to get back a youngster on the right track to a bright future.

Sometimes they are misunderstood, sometimes they aren’t allowed to speak out and so are not understood, sometimes they are unable to express themselves because of shyness, sometimes it is the case of a youngster with too much responsibility put on the young shoulders which becomes a burden to continue carrying. These problems can all be sorted out if there is someone willing to listen to them, to see things the way they are seeing it. At Bodhi, this chance is what the youngster gets, and it is not very difficult to mould a young mind into a healthy, strong mind. Communication skills, self confidence, examination phobia, concentration training, stage phobia are some of the basic problems that are taken up here at Bodhi.