Eram Group
ERAM engineering
ERAM engineering
ERAM engineering
ERAM engineering
Industrial Projects
Construction, Execution and Maintenance
a) Mechanical Erection and Installation
Eram undertake various types of mechanical installations such as construction of plants, equipments & pumps. Supply and Installation of PFE buildings. Erection and installation of Heavy machineries. Fabrication and Installation of Steel Doors, Grills. Installation of Fire fighting system. Supply & Installation of Laboratory case works and fume cupboards. Welding works. Industrial & Commercial Maintenance work. Steel Storage Tanks.
We Undertake HVAC activities for the following categories Supply and Installation of cooling towers. Large, Medium & Small Industrial Complexes. Residential Apartments.
3) Civil / Structural Construction
We are experienced in construction, erection maintenance and repair (including concrete repair by crack injection) of buildings and infrastructural system, for residential villas, commercial offices, industrial buildings such as workshops and warehouses, steel structures and steel storage tanks. Earth Works Steel Structural Works Building Construction Concrete Structural Works All types of utility works Water purifying works
4) Cathodic Protection
Our ability to execute electrical works range from cable laying, cable trays, electrical works for housing, commercial projects, installation of pumps, motors and controls as well as instrumentation works in plants. Cathodic protection can be undertaken for the following applications : Pipe lines Cross country power transmission overhead lines Offshore platforms etc
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