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President's Message
We are indeed pleased to introduce ourselves to you and trust you will spare a few moments from your valuable time to go through this information to know more about the Group.
In this occasion, indeed we would like to reciprocate and acknowledge with gratefulness the trust and faith recognized by our valued clients in our ability which has remained as the singular motivating factor behind our sustained and steady growth over the past ten years.
Eram, in their continued quest for knowledge up gradation of International Standards, has been conducting developmental programs for our service personnel so as to keep them up to date in their areas of specialization. The focus has always been in the continuous improvements in Technology, Quality and Safety and the well equipped and dedicated technical team has remained and continues to remain the core asset of Eram. To accomplish this aspiration, we trained, equipped our personnel despite of business progress and cycles.
We ERAM Group strive to accomplish our projected targets and goals to bring greater flexibility and effulgence in the industries and the special areas we represent.
In conclusion, I would like to thank deeply our valued Clients, Eram Management Team and all of our personnel who whole heartedly accomplished and transformed our Company’s expertise capability to meet or exceed Clients project requirements and established milestones.
Very Truly Yours
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  Eram In 2009 Operations in 6 Countries 22 Branches all over the Middle East and India Employees - 1800 Plus Turnover in Saudi Arabia - $ 252 Million Turnover Globally - $ 646 Million
  Eram's Outlook For 2009-2010 International Joint Ventures Heavy Equipment and Vessels Fabrication Painting and Coating
To be Integral part in the industry fully satisfying clients as well as Employee needs.
Our Mission to meet the requirements of our valued customer in the industry with quality and policy
"Every Single Job, no matter how small it is, If it’s done properly.... it make a big difference"
Quality Policy
Eram engineering commit our self to provide technical services for petrochemical , Oil & gas , power generation and other industrial sectors in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001 - 2008 We will strive to achieve growth and leading position in the market by Creating an environment of teamwork. Maintaining the consistent quality of services to our valued customers. Complying requirements and continually management system Meeting or exceeding customer requirements
Frequent measuring against key performance indicators to identify trends and quantify improvements in performance. Our policy require our employees to be aware of and contribute to the improvements of quantify management system.
Safety Policy
Eram Engineering will maintain a rigors loss prevention program aiming to prevent human distress and financial loss. Our Safety Program does not introduce any standard lower than those in the Saudi Aramco program and International Safety standards but allows for adaptation to meet local requirements and conditions. moreover this safety program is a supplement to the Saudi Aramco Construction Safety Manuel detailing the safety procedure to be adopted To achieve this objective, we aim to promote a safe working environment by educating and training the workforce to regard safety as important as production, cost and quantity of work. Proper facilities and standards will be provide to assist our people to maintain the safety requirements.
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