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ERAM engineering
Power & Communication
Eram Power and Communication Division is a quality lead supplier and contractor for Electrical, Instrumentation and Communication Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, State of Qatar and Kingdom of Bahrain. Eram Power and Communication is an approved contractor to leading organizations such as SABIC, Saudi Aramco and other major clients in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas sectors in the Middle East. Industrial Projects Our services lay in a full line of Electrical, Instrumentation and Communication Construction and Maintenance areas that can support all sectors of Industrial Projects, Utilities and Commercial Sector.

Supplies Our range of products:
Electrical Instrumentation & Communication Cables
Conduits & Fittings
Conduits Outlet Bodies
Junction Boxes
Cable Tray Systems
Channels, Wire Ways, Pull Boxes
Termination Kits & Joints
Cable Ties - Nylon & Stainless Steel
Control Apparatus
Fire Alarm & Protection
Tools & Test Instruments
Cable Accessoreis
Earthing & Lightning
Protection Materials
Control Systems
Cable Glands - Cleats
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