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Technical Personal Service
The main objective of this service is to provide the industry with effective project management system and solutions. Project management personnel (Engineering and Administration) in all stages of engineering including procurement and at construction phase. The project management solutions are systemized, with latest software, data, and information based on international standards and implemented by a team of highly qualified engineering professional to meet the client requirements in the industry. It works on each and every project during the FEED, planning, estimation, scheduling, cost control, operations, execution, commissioning, process, maintenance, shutdown & turn-around stages.
We serve our clients in the industry with highly professional and certified engineers to meet the progress of every phase of engineering, procurement and construction.
Our dedicated engineering personnel provide full support to the client, consultant and main contractor for preparing the front end engineering, design and drafting, estimation, and survey, modifications, expansions and maintenance schedules. Our specialization is in refining, oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, power and steel industries. We have dedicated team of highly qualified technical professional to handle every stage of the industrial project.
With more than 850 engineering personnel enrolled in our team with work permits and resident-ship inside the respective countries, we are enable to handle any stage of the project within a short notice.
The Team
Eram Engineering employs over 850 employees; among them are Engineers, Administrators, Technical Professionals, medics and trainers.
The company has catered to the requirements of all kinds of technical professionals and management personnel and keep the workforce up-to date in terms of professional training and Technical Knowhow.
  The list of personnel consists of: Project Engineers & Managers Construction Engineers & Managers QA/QC Engineers, Inspectors & Managers (All disciplines) Quality Management System Auditors Planning & Scheduling Engineers CAD Operators & Design Engineers Instrumentation & Control Engineers Administrative Personnel of all kinds
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