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General Terms and Conditions.

Method of Project execution is open to the discretion of the Client i,.e., direct by himself/ by engaging contractors under company supervision / or entrusting the Company direct.

Conditions for Company executed projects

  1. Design and details are subject to modification and revision that may be necessary during the course of work, on mutual consultation.

  2. Company normally complete the works at maximum pace, but subject to the availability of skilled labours, raw materials and weather conditions. Period depends on the quantum of civil works and extent of area of the project.

  3. Availabilty of sufficient and continous supply of water shall be ensured by the client.

  4. Routine watering of the lawn and plants at site shall be arranged by the client.

  5. Company extends guarantee for establishment of lawn and plants supplied by them but doesn't cover misdealing of the site and plant materials by children, pet animals or any other agency. Guarantee covers to the extent of repair and replacements only.

  6. The operations at the landscape site shall be under general control and supervision of company till the grace maintenance period is over. The Client is advised to take-up any operations at the site only in consultation with the company


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