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Beautiful gardens do not just grow, they are planned. They are the result of a careful analysis of the site, the problems and assets that even the most ordinary garden undoubtedly possesses.
Whether you have a farmhouse of several acres in the country side or a town house with little more than backyard; a beautiful garden can be created by thoughtful planning and wise use of expertise. Your garden is as important as the home it surrounds, so it makes no sense to lay it unplanned. 
GARDEN POINT gives you inspiring ideas in planning your garden retreats that year around appeal in color, texture and fragrance, considering how best to use the available space, the vistas and ambience that can create with beauty and utility with fascinating decorative touches.
In planning and executing your dream garden, GARDEN POINT take a logical approach to work out a skeleton programme, the preliminary scheme, which suggests the various features in the way of style, decor, plants and utilities. With these basics considered, the outline ideas are settled, overall plan subdivided and detailed; so that there is clearer ideas of the layout features: grass, shrubs, flower beds, perhaps a pool, rocky and slashing cascade, favorite trees, vegetables and herbals, sculptures and ornaments, lightning, irrigation systems and so on......

And most important assured post-implementation services for routine maintenance either on annual maintenance contract (AMC) or on casual basis. 

Do drop in at Garden Point for free advisory services on your garden urge....
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Special Information

  1. Stipulation to the payment schedule enables the company to execute the works satisfactorily and timely.

  2. All labour rates are subject to revision on enhancement of wages, if effected during the course of works.

  3. All rates for materials and other supplies are subject to revision on market fluctuations.

  4. Company offers ongoing garden maintenance service on Annual Maintenance Contract basis on terms and conditions negotiable.

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