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To get the details of a "Software Development Firm", follow these steps :


What to do

The Results

Step 1 Click on S. An alphabetically sorted category list
Step 2 Click on Software Development in the category list Address list of companies  related to software development 
Step 3 Click on the name of a particular firm Details of that particular company


1. Address only Category

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2. Address and Web Site Category

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if a Category Name's background color is "", then the addresses in that category doesn't contain any web address/links. Otherwise, if a Category Name's background color is "", then the addresses in that category carry some web address/links

Shown below is a Sample Category list

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufactures
Advertising Services
Air Conditioners
Suppose you want to search on "Ayurvedic Medicine Manufactures"
Click above link as an example.

<Shown below is Address list

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufactures

And you get this. With the number of entries in that category. Now scrolldown for find your content
NB:This is not a real directory page

Gill Ayurvedic Trichur- 680618,   Kerala – India
Tel:0091487-385399     Fax:0091-487-442002
E-Mail gilayurvedics@yahoo.comWeb/gillayurvedics
Rani Drug House P.O. Nellayi . Thrissur, Kerala, India
Phone/Fax: 0488- 754839 
  E-mail: ranisnellayi@yahoo.comWeb:


Shows the Homepage of the Company Web site
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The page continues in the real website but was only as an example