Web Designing is an art in its own right which requires an understanding of the concept of Internet, the target audience and the ability to create a functional website with appeal and information.

At bispage.net your web site is customized to feature your product or service using your preferences and desired image. A quick loading website  website with interactive visuals using buttons and links is what draws a visitor. An easy navigation experience is a prime requirement for any website, as is done at bispage.net Enhancing, improving, and updating existing websites to suit your contemporary status is another speciality at bispage.net

Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, and 3D Studio Max are some of the tools for web designing that is used here for an aesthetically and mentally satisfying experience. 

HTML, DHTML, COLD FUSION and XML are some of the web design tools used here.

Data bases are maintained using Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and My SQL.

VB script, Java Script and Perl takes care of the client side script, while  Server side scripting is done through ASP, PHP, Servlets and JSP.