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Built with the single mission of getting rid of user manuals and user training costs without compromising the functionalities or design, IndusMD is a revolutionary product conceived off and developed by a unique set of Engineers and Doctors . The team envisioned a clinical tool that's palatable even to a non techie in a matter of minutes. Months of grueling research, design and rear end work went into bringing this marvelous experience to your door that comply with industry standards and regulations. Our products are customizable and very innovative guaranteeing customer satisfaction to its best.
We are a privately held company working towards providing the best possible software solution to the healthcare industry. Our customer base is mostly from US and India, and shortly intend to expand to South America.
Case Studies
  IndusMD designed a customized iPad software for Maxi Vision Eye Clinic, pioneers of Lasik eye surgery in South Asia.  
  IndusMD partnered with K.J to a build a strong EMR platform. Focused on the existing problems and studied the particular...  
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