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  • IndusMD - iPad

    IndusMD is a revolutionary product conceived off and developed by a unique set of Engineers and Doctors. Learn More!

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A multi faceted and dynamic interface equipped to edit ocular images, X-rays and other diagrams in HD. A unified solution supporting 55 some specialties.
An exclusive two way communication portal between the doctor and patient, enabling the user to read reports, order medicines, use video chat all on the go.
A classy browser that integrates ease with speed. Experience a 360° interface unifying the various stake holders in the hospital enterprise.
Comparision Chart
Module Name E Clinical CureMD IndusMD
Manage Progress Notes yes yes yes
Wizard Based Registration Forms yes yes yes
Tablet Integration yes yes yes
Manage Referring Physicians yes yes yes
Inter- Relate various modules yes yes yes
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Case Studies
  IndusMD designed a customized iPad software for Maxi Vision Eye Clinic, pioneers of Lasik eye surgery in South Asia.  
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