Cosmetic Therapy
According to ayurveda there are seven dhatus or tissues. The outer layer being the skin and innermost being the blood plasma. Srotas or channels pass through the dhatus. Srotas Indians believe that the health of the hair, skin, and nails indicates the health of the person. when blocked or filled with toxins are the seat of disease or imbalance. There are many ways to keep the body in balance. The one that is ignored the most is the skin.
If skin is not cared properly and neglected it suffers from premature aging, becomes dull and blemished. Common skin disorders are acne, pimples, pigmentation, freckles etc .Common hair problems are graying, thinning, falling, split ends.
Ayurveda has developed magnificent treatments for skincare and hair care. Specific treatment will be prescribed by our Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) to be well matched to your age, condition and body type.
Charaka has mentioned a group of 10 drugs, which are promoters of complexion. They are known as the 'Varnya Dravya': Chandan(Sandalwood), Lal Nagkesar(Fragrant Poon), Padmaka(HimalayanCherry), Ushir(Cuscus Grass), Madhuka(Liquorice), Manjishtha(Madder), Payasa(White Yam), Shita(White Scutch Grass), Lata(Black Scutch Grass). There are ayurvedic oils designed for hair and scalp massage. Traditionally, the herbs are slow-cooked with the oil, and the oil is then strained and ready for use.
The various herbs used are the following Brahmi helps calm the mind and nervous system, it helps promote hair thickness and body. Amalaki is cooling, nourishing and purifying for all types of hair. It is especially beneficial for premature thinning and graying of hair. It also helps prevent dry scalp and flakes.Bhringaraj, which translates to “king of tresses,” is  very nourishing for the hair.Hibiscus is cooling and helps maintain hair color and vitality. Neem is good for hair; it has purifying and cleansing properties. Rosemary and Lavender are excellent for all types of hair. Rosemary helps stimulate hair follicles and promotes growth, it retard premature thinning and graying, and soothes and conditions the scalp. Lavender stimulates hair growth, balances oil production and replenishes the hair and scalp. Jasmine helps alleviate stress.
A shower is soothing to the whole body. Once the body gets soothed, each and every part gets to work better. It is a common observation that generally after bath most people feel fresher. Open shower in natural surroundings, will be a pleasurable and memorable experience to you.

Physical fitness can be achieved through regular physical activity. Exercise benefits the body by increasing its capacity to take in oxygen. Physical activity removes constipation and digestion-related disorders. The loss of extra body fat helps prevent diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other obesity disorders. It improves our cardiovascular health by increasing maximal cardiac

output and stroke volume, and helps in the prevention of diabetes by improving glucose resistance. Physical activity results in the strengthening of our bones and muscles. It can substantially reduce the risk or arthritis and other bone diseases. Physical activity helps us deal with stress and fight depression. Daily physical activity helps us remain active and fresh throughout the day.
Yoga postures improve the flexibility of the muscles and the joints. They also massage the organs, thus improving their functionality. Yoga heals various chronic illnesses like lower back pain, asthma in a natural and simple way and also improves the body’s immunity. It reduces sleep disturbances and reduces hypertension. The body feels healthier and more energetic. It is less prone to diseases and effects of day-to-day stress. It improves physical health and quality of life measures in elderly. When you start practicing yoga with us, you will discover how yoga and yoga postures make you more contented and happy in an extremely subtle and effortless manner.
In meditation one delves deep into the Self. Meditative state is the natural outcome of yoga and the spiritual benefit of meditation is supreme bliss or enlightenment. Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental state and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years. Everyday most of us experience stress in many different ways and
many people are simply not aware of the benefits of meditation or of how much stress we actually hold on to. The benefit of meditation is how it releases stress from our bodies. Meditation practiced regularly will lead you to a deeper level of relaxation and contemplation. If you want to be free of constant worry, pressure and stress the benefits of meditation can give you a life that is calm, peaceful, happy and relaxed. Even ten minutes of meditation a day will help alleviate stress.
Aerobic Exercises
Aerobics is a combination of physical exercise and rhythmic movements to improve flexibity and overall fitness of the body. With the goal of preventing illness and promoting physical fitness, we provide aerobic classes. Aerobic classes  taught by a certified instructor with experience.
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