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Shift: is a charitable trust
functioning in the health
sector serving the poor
patients from medical
. advice to facilities and
financial aid, since 1902.
From the initial strength
of a single staff Santhi has
developed into a full-fledged charity institution with
00 staff and hundreds of voluntary staff and well-
How Fnit we could RE ACH
* Facilitated kidney transplants for 640 patients. at
from the Gulf.
r Facilitated heart surgeries for 20.500 patients.
104 from the Gulf.
* Dialysis Unit for the less privileged. 1. 65.000
Dialysiscarried out in ii years.
e Hobilized Poor patient's treatment fund for more
than IRSBEIIMIIllon from the Central Government
and charitable institutions in India
4 Provides Mobile Lab facilities, medical
information for more than 100 persons daily and
guided by Phone. Letter and E-Ii-iail.
s Publish ritedical Directories. Health Magazine and
introduced health card system in iterala
Conducted more than 100 Free iiledical Camps,
helped and monitored the patients effectively.
r Launched 1i'lr'orld's first health website containing
vital Information like hospital facilities,
Departments. Doctors and Packages.
- Diabetic & Hypertension Prevention Awareness
and Kidney Disease Early Detection Project
Ir Palamala Tribal Rehabilitation Project.
Unit in Charge: irirs. SHEEJn JnISOH
Hospital Number : [HE-2 -24]JiDi
khb‘lle.’ 0740210240
Unit in Charge: iitr. HIKHfL
Mobile Number: 3542450290
Hospital Numb-er: 04335-223565
in nthi Dialysis Ur-lt. Lakshswder-p
Indira Gandhi Hospital. Kayarattl
Tel : 0459 6262 32?
Lfma Preman and Ball!
t 0rgan donation {cadaver transplantation]
awareness project.
1' Eontin ues FFtEE dialysis project.
UMA PREMAN a life dedicated to charity.l
She was becoming the change
she wanted to see around her as
Gandhi once said. Not just
words, SantIii's founder i'rlrs.
Uma Preman herself made a
differEnce in the society by her
noble deed of donating one of
her kidney to a youth in 1519?.
Numerous awards and
recognitions including Ciltt's
Real Hero Award. Sadguru
Gnanananda National Award,
Professor Joseph iytundassery Smaraka Puraskar-ilatar,
and n.P. ill-slam Award etc endorse the noble path of her
Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating waste
{diffusion} and unwanted water {ultiafiltration'l from
the blood. A healthy person's kidneys do the function
naturally. Some people. however. may have failed or
damaged kidneys which cannot carry out the function
properly ' they may need dialysis.
The increasing numbers of kidney patients are at the
verge of death due to the lack of organ donors. They
Badguru finanananda
National Award - 2005
(NH IBN Iteal Heroes Award IDIIZI
are doomed to accept their final verdict failing to get
timely organ transplantation.
Santhi decided on the path and committed to serve the
poor and needy dialysis Patients in 2002 when the cost
of a dialysis hovered between Rs. 1.000 to its. 2,000.
depending the hospital facilities. Those who can 't
afford it seek Santhi's support and we continue our
service till date with a monthly average of 2000 dialysis
in which 1200 dialysis are FREE of cost and the rest at a
subsidized rate with the support of our well wishers and
various trusts.
Santhi's path of charity is multifaceted among the
kidney patients, from family kidney donation
awareoess programme facilitating society support to
the poor through the formation of local committees,
kidney transplantations. post transplantation
medication assistance and also the socially committed
rehabilitation projects and campaigns for the poor and
The documentary is conceived by Santhi with a vision to
motivate the despaired kidney patients not to lose
hope in life. Iiidney failure is not the end of your life. Be
positive and have proper dialysis with medication
which keeps your life afresh. You can still be the
supporter of your family leadinga normal life.
First world kidney day was announced in 200p. Since
snarl-ii FREE at suasioizco DIALTSiS UlilIT5.Attached to -- -
a mi
DHnHT-I- l-IDSPI’EAL, Cnalakudy iii-MM Hospital. Putririnpalli
unit In charge : r-tr. DEJID DAVIE- tlnit In Charge : Mr. HMO
Mobile Number :6281250430 Mobile : 065660-5545
Hospital- Number: 0400223221 Hospital Number : Mta-tofdtdtl
THnrutnr-i HDISPlTnt OF PMRC
'Irl'est Takkara. Paiakltad
Unit in Charge: I'M. ftElLdSH Ci i'iSJtD
Mobile: 04420170140
Italpata. i'iaytiad
Unit in charge: hiltJtUtt
Mobile Number: 04022110546
Unit Humben 0193-6206680
Eanthi Mobile Dialysis Unit
Thlrunelvell Medic al College E:
Thenkasr Governmem Hospital
Tel : 095 MEIESZ
200? onwards we conduct the day every year with
various programs and tours. The tour program
rejuvenates not only the kidney patients but also
their relatives and ourstaff.
Woes and worries are part of life. But it is our choice
to make it worth living. The dreadful life style
diseases like diabetics, hypertension and kidney
failure literally put the patients through an ongoing
ordeal of suffering and endurance. If we can prevent
these diseases by changing the lifestyle we are also
sparing our dear ones from the sufferings on behalf of
Diabetic 9: Hypertension Prevention Awareness and
Kidney Disease Early Detection Project liilobiiei
In this cyber era of information, though we are aware
of all reasons and prevention steps of these diseases
we hardly tend to put into action which is the sorriest
fact. 5a nthi strives to create awareness in the society
regarding the prevention of lifestyle diseases through
rna ss campaigns. |Dur motto for the project is
"Prevention is better than cure".
The new project is proposed to expedite with the
assistance of Panchayaths and other charity
organizations. It comprises a mobile unit of
MBULAHEE with settled up lab facilities inside which
travels around the rural and urban areas of
r-lalappuram district. The mobile lab facilitates
Mar Baselips medical Mission Raol'v‘ GANDHI CO. OPERAI IvE
Hospital. Itothamangalarn HDSPITnL, ItDGTHnTTUItULrI-I'ri
unit in charge: HR. senrrosn Unit In charge: nut. GERDEE J0‘r'
Mobile Number.- 5231410'0054 Mobile Number: 32816-4164?
i'kirspital Number: [Hi-'5 2822203 i-bpspital, Number: MEI-22539456

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1011 Elnarrl Celebrations with our patients gm]
lifestyte diseases detEction tests at a nominal rate of
Rs. 15. Those wars which have more than 50 diabetic
detected patients are listed and Santhi sets up
Diabetic Clubs in those locales. We plan to select
volunteers in the concerned locales and train them
for continued awareness programs to educate the
patients prevent itidney diseases. Because
hypertension and Diabetics are the main causes for
Renal Failure and a sum of i 5 rupees will help a person
from becoming a new kidney patient. We also
approach the companies who have social
commitment as a part of their corporate policy in
order to raise fund for the project.
"Never moire- y'our ioveci' ones to pro]; {or your death
or never moire them doomed to plead others‘ mercy
for you“.
pecan oouamon awaan ess PRDJEL'T
Life~threatening diseases often demands organ
transplantation as the final remedy to save fife.
Availlng organs with willing donors is always a
Himalayan struggle while saving a iife. But if people
are aware about this life-saving mission we can save
numerous patients from death bed.
Dur mission is to bring awareness and information
about the need and aspects of organ donation to
encourage people to become organ donors. The
awareness programme is propagated through street
Inauguration of
imiyanao Dialysis Unit
Smith iimrtar {irgaa Doqannn
hammering his Doom oord Awareness brains
Hevention Project MblJliIl'lEE
drama "Punarjfni" and another stage plays “hvayava
SAHTHI conducted an Organ Donation Awareness
program at Guruvayur in which our goodwill
ambassador Mr. R. Sarath Humor, ia.L..-!t. TEHRASI and
Sri Babu M.Pa|isseri Minis. Kunnamitularn announced
their wiliingness to donate their organs and stating
organ donation is the noblest act one can do in one's
life and it should be made as the part of our value
system and culture for the humanity. “f wiii never
went to be at somebody 's mercy to denote me their
argon due to my uncontroiied iifestyie", affirmed Mr.
5a rath Humar at the function.
Nothing but the help of Flint] hearts steers the
charitable activities of Santhi Medical information
Centre. Renowned people from all sectors of society
liite Mar Chrysostorn Thirurneni, Gulfar Muhammad
Ali. Dr. George Joseph etc. acknowledge and shoulder
in promoting the awareness and charity programs of
Santhi. Mr, Rjarath Kurnar [ivlLit and Film actor} and
Mrs. Ftadhiita Earath Rumar extend their support to
Santhi's activities and serve as Santhi's goodwill
ambassadors. Santhi has strong foot fold in MiDDLE
EAST where the help of MRI Reralite's are invaluable.
Together we shall light up the darkened path of
unfortunate lives with new hopes.
Donations are tax exempted under
BU G of the income Tax not, 1961 iindiaI with the
registration number ClTiTCRITeci-ijfiGjtifZD-Dii-M
and holding Permanent Account Number {PAH} under
Income Tax Act llndiai with registration number
aao'rsssssa with effect from 24TH SEPTEMBER
11A of the Income Tax Act. 1961 [India} with the
registration number CiTi'C HHi'iZiiu" Tech-63994112100
Paiamala 1'r1ba1 Fassiabshtatlon project
||1Mumg|un “1 'lianlvu- 95' a joint initiative of
isothumoe-galam Dialysis Unlu. Hum" “Ti-“"1 infirm-WW cll'ilflr
with Her Ehrysostom Thirumeni
santhi team with our goodwill ambassador
airs. it .w. Sarath ilurnar
Payment Mode
Note: Chequerr i.iraftsrI Money Transfer
are to be drawn in favour of
bacon nt Name: SAHTH i MEDlCl-L lNFDRMRTi-DH CENTRE.“
ivcc ou nt Ho 14215M11DDDD4B41
Bank Name : Punjab National Bank
Bra nch Name : Guruvayur west Hada, Kerala
Snilt', 15 having FCRA registration act 1010 Under
the Ministry of Home Aifairs, Govt. of India
FCRA Reg. No. 0519093111
Act no at Home : SAHTHI iatolcitt IN FORMATION CENT RE"
account No :ossszaiooasoo
Bank Name 1 Lariara Bank
Branch Name : Guruirayur - see 191
Diabetic Fevention project
gathering 5-aniii1's anti-titles lflIvsiiriir-ed in 5H- Eiommm Ell-ands
Reg. No. 4am?
To serve. to share.
to support In the hardest
moments of their life'
A saved Is a
LIFE swag/r
" Cwiori and pros-mliiv have
ii-cvcrennclscd the world as much
as adversity has 0H1- oF pain and
problems has! come do: sweetest
songs, and the rnrosl glipping
Punnathur RoadI RD. Kottapadl
Guruvayoor, Thrissur ' 530 505
Herala, india. Tei : +91 43? 2556.?96
website : www,santhirneciicaiinfo_org
Email 7