srimadbhagavathasathram Annadhanam

Annadanam (offering of food) is one of the most sacred offering to propitiate the Almighty.  It is the tradition and heritage of India that the devotees who attend any Yagna should be provided with proper hospitality.

At the 10 day Sathra, we are to provide lunch for 7000 devotees, break fast and supper for thousand, evening tea for 2500.  A day’s cost for this item above is estimated to be Rs.2 lakhs.

The infrastructure for Annadanam consists of a dining hall of 150’*75’ size and kitchen of 80’*25’ size.  The food is to be served in Buffet system.  The necessary accessories for kitchen and service are to be procured on hire.

Any body can contribute to the Annadanam, in cash or kind.  One can sponsor a day’s four time food @ Rs. 100 per person per day or lunch for 5 persons @ Rs. 100 per day.  The quantum of donation is Donor’s choice.

Donation in kind will be received at the Sathram site from 1st October onwards. 

The Annadhanam is agreed to be sponsored by P. N. C Menon, Vinod Kumar. M

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