srimadbhagavathasathram Yagnaprasadam

Yagnaprasadam is a brochure of 16 to 20 pages, Demy 1/8 size, with a beautiful art paper multi-color cover.  The pages will contain hymns, Keerthans, Dhyanaslokas etc which would help any Bhaktha for their usual Japa routine.  40000 copies of the Yagnaprasada will be printed and distributed free of cost during the conclusion ceremony, to the devotees as they pass the sanctum/stage offering their Yagna-dakshina.  The booklet will be sent also to other aspirants/interested devotees.

The Yagnaprasada is agreed to be sponsored by M/s Malayala Manorama.

  srimadbhagavathasathram Yagnasala

The yagnasala where all the major events are conducted is named as ‘Sukasthali’. This temporary auditorium has a stage of 45’ x 30’ and room to seat 5000 people as listeners.

The Yagnasala is agreed to be sponsored by T. A Sundhara Menon

  srimadbhagavathasathram Gate

The Gate is agreed to be sponsored by Mathrubhumi

  srimadbhagavathasathram Temple

Temporary Sree Krishna temple is to be constructed in the Yagnasala. All temple rites  will be  performed at the temple from 4 a.m. till 8 p.m. The devotees can get archanas done for their kith and kin, apart from special sooktha archanas at a nominal rate of Rs.10 per person. The devotees can make other types of offerings also at the temple.

The Temple is agreed to be sponsored by N. V Viswanathan

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