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A.D. 52

St. Thomas the Apostle landed at Kodungallur (Cranganore). In the same year he founded the first Christian Community at Palayur in the Arch eparchy of Trichur. Tradition is still very strong about the Bottukulam [Boat pool] where he embarked, Thaliakkulam where he wrought miracles and baptized local people, the Cross which he founded, the Judakkunnu where he met Jews of the place, the names of families he converted etc. It is also said that St. Thomas ordained Kepha as the Bishop of Kodungallur and appointed him Head of the Indian Church.           

3 July 72

 Martyrdom of St. Thomas at Mylapore, Madras (Chennai)


Mattom St. Thomas Church was founded.


Thomas of Cana landed at Cranganore (Kodungallur).

340 - 360

The leaders of the Syrian Christians were granted special privileges by the Order of Thazhekad (Thazhekad Sasanam)


North Pudukad St. Mary's Church was founded.


Enammakkal St. Mary's Church was founded.


By the Thareesapalli Coper Plates, King Ayyanadikal granted a number of privileges and 72 stately positions to the Church and Churchmen of Kerala.


 Pazhuvil Church was founded.


Arimpur ( Mattudesam ) Church was founded.


Kottekkad St. Mary's Church was founded.      


Kottappady St. Lazars Church was founded.


Vasco De Gama came to Kerala. Questions? Please view our FAQ page. Apostille services.


Valappad St. Sebastian Church was founded.



The following ancient Churches, which are now in the Arch eparchy of Ernakulam, were in the Vicariate of Trichur until the year 1896 . The year of foundation are given in brackets :
Paravoor-Kottakkavu (52), Angamaly (450), Moozhikkulam (601), Malayattor (900), Kanjoor (1001), Chowara (1025), Chennamangalam (1201), Alengad 1300), Koratty (1381), Manjappra (1401), Njarakal (1471).


The following ancient Churches, which are now in the Eparchy of Irinjalakkuda, were in the Eparchy of Trichur until the year 1978 . The year of foundation are given in brackets :
Ambazhakkad (300), Parappukkara (400), Chalakkudy (600), Thazhekkad (800), Velayanad (900), Mapranam (928).


St. Francis Xavier came to Kerala

20-26 June 1599

Synod of Diamper

4 Aug 1600

The supremacy of the Portuguese King (Padroado) was imposed over the Thomas Christians. Bishop Francis Ros was made Bishop of the Thomas Christians in 1601.

22 Dec 1610

The traditional territorial jurisdiction of the Metropolitan of the Thomas Christians over "India and its confines" was restricted to a small portion of the South West coast of India ( from South to the North of Malabar).

3 Jan 1653

In protest against the Portuguese rule of the Church, the Thomas Christians pledged "the Coonan Cross Oath" at Mattancherry, Cochin.
Bishop Mar Joseph Sebastiani reached Kerala bringing with him the special power and instruction from H.H. Pope Alexander VII to consecrate a Bishop in Malabar in view of the special developments. This was the beginning of Propaganda Latin Jurisdiction in Kerala.


Bishop Mar Joseph Sebastiani reached Kerala bringing with him the special power and instruction from H.H. Pope Alexander VII to consecrate a Bishop in Malabar in view of the special developments. This was the beginning of Propaganda Latin Jurisdiction in Kerala.

31 Jan 1663

Bishop Palliveetil Chandy was consecrated the first Vicar Apostolic of Malabar by Bishop Joseph Sebastiani.

13 Dec 1700

Arnose Pathiri landed at Soorat in India.

20 Mar 1732

Death of Arnose Pathiri.

16 Dec. 1782

Mar Joseph Kariattil was nominated Metropolitan of Kodungallur and was consecrated Bishop in March 1783.

10 Sept. 1786

Death of Mar Kariattil in Goa before reaching Malabar after being consecrated Bishop. Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar was made Governor of Kodungallur.


The Syrian Christians too were included in the Taxpayers' list since the Maharaja of Cochin had to give toll of Tippu Sultan.

1790 - 95

With a view of fostering business and developing a city, King Sakthan Thampuran brought some Syrian Christian families to Trichur from the neighboring Christian centers and settled them mainly in the East-South part of Trichur.


At the outbreak of a Schism under the leadership of the dissident Chaldean Bishop Mellus, the Syrian Christians of Ollur organized themselves against the Melus Schism. Under the leadership of the then Vicar of Ollur, Fr. Mathew Kodupadathil, a complaint against Bishop Melus was sent to both the Congregation for the Propagation of Faith in Rome and to His Holiness the Pope.

19-20 Sept 1876

The Apostolic Visitor Msgr. Leo Merurin attended the Ollur Conference. In the Conference there were discussions about the Melus Schism and resolutions were passed against it.

20 May 1887

The Marthoma Christians are totally segregated from the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Verapoly and from the Padroado, and two Vicariates, Trichur and Kottayam, are established for them. (Quod iam pridem of Leo XIII)

13 Sep 1887

Adolphus Edwin Medlycott was nominated the titular Bishop of Tricomia and the Vicar Apostolic of Trichur.

11 Dec 1887

Consecration of Bishop H.E. Rt. Rev. Mgr. Medlycott.

28 July 1896

The two Syrian Vicariates are trifurcated into Trichur, Ernakulam and Changanachery Vicariates. (Quae Rei Sacrae).

11 Aug 1896

Fr. John Menacherry is nominated the titular Bishop of Parlus and the Vicar Apostolic of Trichur.

25 Oct 1896

Consecration of H.E. Mar John Menacherry at Kandy.

4 May 1918

Demise of H.E. Bishop Mar Medlycott at Bangalore.

19 Dec 1919

Demise of H.E. Bishop Mar John Menacherry. Mgr. Antony Puducherry took charge as the Administrator of the Diocese.

6 Apr 1921

Nomination of H.E. Bishop Francis Vazhapilly as the Vicar Apostolic of Trichur.

6 July 1921

Consecration of H.E. Bishop Francis Vazhapilly at Lourde's Cathedral, Trichur

21 Dec 1923

Establishment of the Syro-Malabar Hierarchy with Ernakulam as the Metropolitan See and Trichur, Changanchery and Kottayam as sufragan Sees. (Romani Pontifices)

8 June 1926

Demise of Blessed Mariam Thresia.

June 1927-37

A major Seminary was existing during this period at Thope, Trichur. 30 Candidates in 4 batches had been ordained priests from this Major Seminary.

20 May 1938

The Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Trichur was celebrated.

12 May 1942

Demise of H.E. Bishop Mar Francis Vazhapilly. Mgr. Mathew Edakkalathur took charge as Administrator of the Diocese.

11 Mar 1944

Nomination of H.E. Mar George Alapatt as the Bishop of Trichur

1 May 1944

Consecration of Bishop Mar George Alapatt at Dolours Basilica

6-18 Jan 1950

The Bangalore synod

29 Aug 1952

Demise of Venerable Sr. Euphrasia CMC

29 Apr 1955

The boundary of the Diocese of Trichur was extended to include the Syro Malabarians residing in the Diocese of Coimbatore (Saepe Fidelium)

6 June 1969

Mgr. Clement Thottungal CMI (originally from Kandassamkadavu, Trichur) was appointed Exarch of Sagar.

4 June 1970

Mar Joseph Kundukulam was nominated the Bishop of Trichur.

16 Aug 1970

Consecration of H. E. Mar Joseph Kundukulam. The abdicated Bishop Mar George Alapatt handed over the administration of the Diocese to Bishop Mar Kundukulam.

3 July 1972

Lakhs of People rallied on strike under the leadership of Mar Joseph Kundukulam against the education policy of the Government of Kerala.

6 Nov 1973

Demise of the Bishop Mar George Alapatt

18 May 1974

Msgr. Raphael Cheenath SDV (originally from Pallissery, Trichur) was made Bishop of Sambalpur. (Later he became the Archbishop of Cuttack-Bubaneswar).

20 June 1974

Seperating of the areas of Coimbatore and Palghat from the Eparchy of Trichur, the new Diocese of Palghat was erected and Mar Joseph Irimpen, the then Vicar General of Trichur, was made the first Bishop of Palghat. (Apostolico Requirente)

8 Sept 1974

Consecration of Bishop Mar Joseph Irimpen.

28 Aug 1977

The Primate of the Free Jacobite Church of Thozhiyoor, H.E. Paulose Mar Philexinos was reunited with the Catholic Church.


The Arch eparchial Renewal year was celebrated.

22 June 1978

The Diocese of Trichur was again bifurcated and the new Diocese of Irinjalakuda was erected. Bishop Mar James Pazhayattil was nominated the first Bishop of Irinjalakuda.

10 Sept 1978

Consecration of Bishop Mar James Pazhayattil

10 Oct 1978

Christian Life Exhibition at Irinjalakuda in connection with the Renewal year.

3 Dec 1978

Eucharistic Congress at Ollur in connection with the Renewal year.

31 Dec 1981

Faith Declaration Rally in Trichur

20 Nov 1983

Faith Declaration Rally in connection with the Holy year. About three lakhs of faithful participated in the Faith Declaration Rally led by H.E. Mar Joseph Kundukulam.

12 Dec 1985

Mar Joseph Kundukulam made his 'ad limina' visit to Rome and had audience with H. H. Pope John Paul II.

7 Feb 1986

H. H. Pope John Paul II visited Trichur and addressed a gathering of more than 10 Lakhs of People of the central northern regions of Kerala at the St. Thomas' Nagar. He also inaugurated the centenary celebrations of the Diocese of Trichur.

3 Nov 1986

Lakhs of people belonging to different Christian denominations in the district of Trichur spent the day in fast and prayer at Trichur protesting against the drama " Christuvinte Aram Thirumurive" which ridiculed Christ.

7 Feb 1987

The Centenary Candles are blessed at Azhikode and the Centenary Flag at Palayur marking the 100th anniversary of the erection of the Eparchy of Trichur.

14 Mar 1987

Joint Pastoral Council of the Dioceses of Trichur, Irinjalakuda and Palghat was held at Irinjalakuda.

12 May 1987

As directed by S.M.B.C., the Diocese of Trichur took up the pastoral care of the Malayalees of Bombay. Mgr. Paul Chittilappilly, the then Vicar General of the diocese, led the team of priests sent for the Mission.

20 May 1987

Centenary Day was celebrated with a gathering of the priests and a Conference of the Iaity, both of the undivided Eparchy of Trichur. At the conclusion there was concelebrated Mass at the Trichur Cathedral.

8-10 Aug 1987

The concluding functions of the Centenary celebration of the Diocese of Trichur was presided over by His Eminence Simon Cardinal Lourdusamy. The Eucharistic Procession and Valedictory meeting were the climax of the celebrations which were held on 9th August.

23 Aug 1987

To commemorate the Centenary Celebrations of the Diocese of Trichur, a Perpetual Eucharistic Center was inaugurated at Dolours Basilica, Trichur, by His Em. Dr. Simon Cardinal Lourdusamy.

19 May 1988

The new Eparchy of Kalyan for the Syro-Malabarians of Bombay, Pune & Nasik was erected and Mgr. Paul Chittilapilly the Vicar General of Trichur, was nominated its first Bishop.

24 Aug 1988

Mar Paul Chittilapilly was consecrated Bishop of Kalyan.

30 Dec 1990

Evangelisation Decade in the Eparchy of Trichur was inaugurated by Mar Joseph Kundukulam.

25 Apr 1992

Our Lady of Dolours' Church, Trichur, was raised to the Status of a Minor Basilica.

16 Dec 1992

Pope John Paul II raised the Syro-Malabar Church to a Major Archiepiscopal Sui Iuris Church with the title of Ernakulam - Angamaly with constitution Quae Maiori. His Eminence Antony Cardinal Padiyara was appointed Major Archbishop; His Grace Archbishop Mar Abraham Kattumana was made the Pontifical Delegate with all the powers of the Major Archbishop.

20 Dec 1992

Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Mar
Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Trichur

29 Jan 1993

The erection of the Syro-Malabar Church as a Major Archiepiscopal Church was made public by His Grace Archbishop George Zur, the Ap. Nuncio at the Cardinal's House, Ernakulam.

20 May 1993

Installation of Mar Antony Cardinal Padiyara as the First Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Church and inauguration of the Synod of the Syro - Malabar Church. Bishop Joseph Kundukulam preached the Homily.

1 Dec 1994

H.E. Mar Joseph Irimpen, the first Bishop of Palghat retired.

4 Apr 1995

The demise of Archbishop Mar Abraham Kattumana, the Pontifical Delegate of the Syro-Malabar Church.

18 May 1995

The Diocese of Trichur was raised to the Metropolitan Status with Mar Joseph Kundukulam as the first Metropolitan Archbishop and Irinjalakuda and Palghat as suffragan Eparchies.

17 Aug 1995

Installation of Mar Joseph Kundukulam as the First Archbishop of the Arch eparchy of Trichur.

18 Dec 1996

Declaration of the retirement of Mar Joseph Kundukulam and appointment of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, the new Archbishop.

15 Feb 1997

Installation of H.G. Mar Jabob Thoomkuzhy as the Archbishop of Trichur and retirement of Mar Joseph Kundukulam.

08 Dec1997

Foundation stone for the Marymatha Major Seminary was blessed by H.G. Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy and laid by H.G. Mar Joseph Kundukulam at Mulayam.

26 Apr 1998

Mar Joseph Kundukulam died at Wamba during his mission visit in Africa, and his body was interred in the crypt of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral on 29th April 1998.

01 June 1998

H.G. Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy opened the doors of Marymatha Major Seminary for the first batch of students.

15 Aug 1998

H.G.Mar Varkey Vithayathil, The Apostolic Administrator of the Syro-Malabar Church formally inaugurated Marymatha Major Seminary.

15 Aug 1998

On this occasion, the concluding ceremony of the Episcopal Silver Jubilee of His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy was also celebrated in the seminary.

9-12 Nov 1998

The first Major Archiepiscopal Assembly of the Syro-Malabar Church at Mount St. Thomas, Kakkanad.

10 Feb 1999

A part of the mortal remains of Mar George Alappat was brought from Karanchira and interred in the crypt of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral.

15 Feb 1999

Mar Kundukulam Memorial Research & Rehabilitation Complex, Peringandoor was inaugurated for rehabilitation and care of AIDS Patients

12 May 1999

A part of the mortal remains of Mar Francis Vazhappilly was brought from Our Lady of Dolours' Basilica and interred in the crypt of Lourde's Cathedral.

24 Nov 1999

Erection of the Pius Union "Sisters of St. Joseph the worker" at peechi by Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy

23 Dec 1999

Nomination of H.G. Mar Varkey Vithayathil as the Second Major Archbishop of the Syro-Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church.

26 Jan 2000

Installation of H.G. Mar Varkey Vithyathil as the Major Archbishop.

09 Apr 2000

Beatification of Bl. Mariam Thresia, CHF (1876 - 1926) at St. Peter's Basilica, Rome by H.H. Pope John Paul II.

16 Apr 2000

Declaration of St. Thomas' Forane Church, Palayur as the Archeparchial Shrine by H.G. Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy in the presence Major Archbishops H.B. Mar Varkey Vithayathil.

07 May 2000

Inauguration of the Regional Pastoral Centre at Chelakara by H. G. Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy

16 May 2000

First feast of Bl. Mariam Thresia at Archeparchial level was celebrated at Metropolitan Cathedral, Trichur.

24 May 2000

In memory of the Great Jubilee, a Drugs & Alcoholic Addicts Treatment Centre (Mochana) was started in the campus of the Damian Institute, Mulayam.

27 July 2000

In connection with the Great Jubilee, a joint meeting of the Presbyteral councils of the Metropolitan Province of Trichur was held at Palghat.

12 Aug 2000

Joint Meeting of the Pastoral Councils of the Metropolitan Province of Trichur
16 Sept 2000 Joint Meeting of the CRI units of the Metropolitan Province of Trichur at Irinjalakuda.

31 Dec 2000

The conclusion of Great Jubilee Celebrations at Archeparchial level. Eucharistic Retreat, Concelebrating and Eucharistic Procession concluded by Eucharistic Blessing at Metropolitan Cathedral. Chief guest was Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius Paul Pinto, Archbishop of Bangalore.

21 Jan 2001

The nomination of the Major Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil as Cardinal.
21 Feb 2001 Installation of the Major Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil as Cardinal.
21-25 May 2001The First Archeparchial Assembly of Trichur was held at DBCLC.

1 Aug 2002

Considering the need of the time and aiming at fostering human and Christian family values, the Arch eparchy of Trichur under the leadership of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy took the initiative to start a private satellite T.V. channel under the title Jeevan TV. Jeevan Telecasting Corporation was registered as a Company on 1st March, 1999 and the T. V. channel was launched on 1st August 2002.

12 Sep 2002

Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy was formally inaugurated by Hon 'able Chief Minister

19 Sep 2002

Mahajubilee Training College (B. Ed. College), Mulloorkara was formally inaugurated.
7 Nov 2002 The Jubilee of 1950th Anniversary of the arrival of St. Thomas, the Apostle and 450th Anniversary of the death of St. Francis Xavier were celebrated jointly at Ernakulam under the joint auspices of CBCI & KCBC.

29 Dec 2002

Arch eparchial level celebration of the above-said Jubilee was held on 29th December 2002 at Trichur. Within the Arch eparchy, its regional celebrations were also held at Palayur (30.11.2002) and Velur (15.12.2002).

19 Mar 2003

His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy laid Foundation stone for Jubilee Mission Medical College.

26 Mar 2003

His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy blessed Foundation stone for the new Minor Seminary at Madona Nagar and laid on 4.8.2003

24 Aug. 2003

Jubilee Mission Medical College was blessed by His Beatitude Mar Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil and Formally inaugurated by Mr. A.K.Antony, Hon 'able Chief Minister of Kerala

7-14 Jan 2004

26th Biennial General Assembly of CBCI was held at Marymatha Major Seminary, Trichur. Archdiocesan & Civic Reception was given to the Bishops at Thope Stadium on 11th January 2004. It was inaugurated by Mr. A. K. Antony Hon 'able Chief Minister of Kerala. Mar Ignas Cardinal Mouza I Daoud, Prefect of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, Ap. Nuncio, Archbishop Folly, President of the Council for Social Communication, Rome, etc., were present on the occasion.

19 Mar 2004

Mgr. Andrews Thazhath was nominated First Auxiliary Bishop of Trichur . It was made public on 18th March 2004.

1 May 2004

Mar Andrews Thazhath was ordained Bishop by His Grace Mar Jacob Thoomkuzy at Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral, Trichur

11 Sept 2004

Archdiocesan Level protest against the assassination of Fr. Job Chittilappilly (IJK). Prayer service, Rally and Public Meeting were conducted.

10 Oct. 2004

Inauguration of the Eucharistic year in the Archdiocesan level by H.G. Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy at Dolours Basilica

2-5 Nov. 2004

2nd Major Archiepiscopal Assembly at Mount St. Thomas Kakkanad. It was inaugurated by the Major Archbishop H.B. Mar Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil.

03 Jan. 2005

Residential block of the New Minor Seminary at Madona Nagar, was blessed by Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy.

06 Jan. 2005

Formation of the new Foranes Kottekad & Puthur.

19 Mar.2005 Erection of the Clerical Pious Association "Disciples of the Good Shephered by Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy with founding members Fr. Varghese Karipery and Fr. Francis Kodiyan, MCBS.
18 Nov. 2006 The Golden Jubilee Celebration of The Priestly Ordinatinon of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy at Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral
3 Dec . 2006 The Beatification of Bld.Euphrassia CMC at Ollur presided over by Mar Varkey Card . Vithayathil , Major Archbishop of the Syro - Malabar Church
2 Feb . 2007 Announcement of the retirement of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy and the nomination of Mar Andrews Thazhath as the New Metropolitan Archbishop of Trichur
18 Mar. 2007 Retirement of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy and lnstallation of Mar Andrews Thazhath at Lourdes Cathedral Church

10 Feb . 2008

150th Year Celebration of the apparition of Bld. Mother Mary at Lourdes with soleman procession from Lourdes Cathedral to Dolours Basilica


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