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1 Rt. Rev. Mgr. John Palokaran M.A. (Domestic Prelate) (+)
2 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Paul Kakkassery Ph D.,D.D. (Domestic Prelate) (+)
3 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Sebastian Chereath JUD (+)
4 V. Rev. Mgr G.T. Thekkekara B.Ph., B.D. (Papal Chamberlain) (+)
5 V. Rev. Mgr. George Akkara (Sr) (+)
6 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Jacob Adambukulam B.A. B.T. (Domestic Prelate) (+)
7 V. Rev. Mgr. Mathew Muringathery (Papal Chamberlain) (+)
8 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Ignatius Chalissery B.D. (Domestic Prelate) (+)
9 V. Rev. Mgr. Ephrem Palathingal L Ph. L.D., B.A. (Papal Chamberlain) (+)
10 V. Rev. Mgr. Antony Maliekal L.Ph. L.D., B.A. (Papal Chamberlain) (+)
11 V. Rev. Mgr. Thomas Thalachira (Papal Chamberlain)
12 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joseph Vilangadan L.Ph., L.D., D.L. (Domestic Prelate)
13 Rt. Rev. Mgr. Bosco Puthur L.Ph, S.T.D (Prelate of Honor)
14 V. Rev. Mgr. Joseph Kakkassery (Papal Chamberlain)
15 V. Rev. Mgr. George Akkara (Jr) (Papal Chamberlain)
16 V. Rev. Mgr. Geore Manadan S.T.D (Papal Chamberlain)
17 V. Rev. Mgr. Andrews Thazhath B.D, D.O.C.L . (Papal Chamberlain)
18 V. Rev. Mgr. Raphel Thattil B.Th, D.O.C.L. (Papal Chamberlain)
1 Cheveliar Chirammel Antony Tharakan K.G.C.S.S. (+)
2 Cheveliar C.J. Varkey K.S.G.M.A. (+)
3 Cheveliar Paulose Kallookaran K.S.G. (+)
4 Cheveliar Rao Sahib C.J. Antony K.S.G.B.A., B.L. (+)
5 Cheveliar Rao Sahib Chackola Palu Lonappan K.C.S.G. (+)
6 Cheveliar Joseph Petta K.S.G., M.A. (Hon) (+)
7 Cheveliar Akkara Devassy Augusty K.S.G (+)
8 Cheveliar Inchodikaran Inasu Iyyapan K.S.G (+)
9 Sri. C.A. Paul M.A., B.L., L.T. (Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice) (+)
10 Cheveliar Prof. N.A. Ouseph Neelankavil (K.S.G)
11 Sri. Sunny Thekkanath (Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice)
12 Sri.Geevarghese Devassy (pro Ecclesiaet Pontifice
13 Smt. Philomena Geevarghese Devassy
14 Cheveliar Prof.George Menachery
15 Cheveliar Sri.C.L.Jose

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