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P.L. Sunny
Ponparambil House Post) Kanjirakode Via) Kumaranellure Wadakanchery, Trichur
Email : sunnylazar@rediffmail.com


 We have all the relevant information about our Diocese. Please update periodicallly with all latest info. It gives us all the infomation about our old Priests.



Davis Chacko Alappatt
Alappatt house Alappad p.o Thrissur
Email : davisalappatt@gmail.com


 it is very usefull,please update all information, im very happy to see this.



30/702,Sanskruti,Thakur Complex,Kandivali-East,Mumbai-400101
Email : savioputhur@rediffmail.com


 Wish all the best to new Bishops Mar Bosco Puthur and Mgr.Raphel Thattil



Porathure (House) Thaikkad P.O. Guruvayur - 680104
Email : saluonline@gmail.com


 good effort... all the best....



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