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The Art of Web Design requires an understanding of the Internet and the ability to create a functional website with an appeal and information as desired by the target audience.
We at customizes your web site to feature your product or service using your preferences and desired image. We work to ensure your website loads quickly and creates an easy navigation experience for visitors through the use of attractive custom designed buttons and links. We also remodel existing web sites to your satisfaction.

Our graphic designers use PhotoShop, Flash, GIF Animator and 3D Studio Max for your visual satisfaction. 

We use HTML, DHTML, COLD FUSION and XML for our web designs.

For data bases we use Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and My SQL.

For client side scripts we use VB script, Java Script and Perl. For Server side scripting we use ASP, PHP, Servlets and JSP.

E-mail us with your requirements, we charge from as low as Rs.1000/- and upwards depending on the requirement. 
E-mail -

When we develop a site, there are certain guidelines which we use: 

1. The main purpose of a website is to communicate, not to showcase technology.
2. All information is presented in a clear, concise and appealing manner. 
3. The website should be functional and useful to both the client and the customer.
4. Graphics and animation (wherever used) should be elegant and meaningful.
5. The website and the contents (animation/scripts) should work equally well with all the browsers.
6. The website should be open-ended to allow easy updatition/modification at a later date.
7. Make the website user friendly for the target audience.
8. To make all clients repeat customers by giving them our best service and attention.
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