About Us

In the fast growing world of creative designing, demands for newer and better designs are increasing day by day. That where creativity with versatility plays a very important role.

Whether it's a wedding invitation to be designed or a stylish visiting card you're looking for, that "little something extra" you're looking for us. We at Wedding Gallery like to do thing a bit differently.

As a company we are young and adventurous,  started on 1997 and as a team we are thorough professionals. We excel in the face of competition and we thrive on challenges.

One look at our range of Wedding card designs vindicate our claim. We have designs for all occasions. There are the beautiful and intricately done designs, there are colourful ones and at the other extreme, we have the sober and subdued ones and some are adorably simple. Each card is tastefully designed and rich in aesthetic appeal. Some are computer designed and others are of course the hand work of our team of skilled artists. We also have those whacky ones that tickle the funny bone.

We are not limited to just Wedding Cards but handling variety of other items too.

We deals with Wedding Cards ranging from the simple to the elaborate. Diligently experimenting with various materials, boards and colours and new techniques and style, we have succeeded in bringing a rich variety to choose from. There are cards depicting the ethnicity and diversity of our land, card that reflect the vibrant colours that is very much a part of Indian heritage, and there are those with a modern touch and yet retaining the distinct Indian flavour.

Wedding Gallery caters exclusively to this "once in a lifetime" occasion to suit a range of tasters and varied budgets.


Silk Screen Printing, Emboss Printing, Foil Printing, Dye Embossing etc.